Focus Friday - The Largest Roman Clear Span Domes

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Friday, Jan 28 2011 by

The Romans were the first builders in the history of architecture to realize the potential of domes for the creation of large and well-defined interior spaces. Domes were introduced in a number of Roman building types such as temples, thermae, palaces, mausolea and later also churches.

Roman Pantheon (Birds Eye)
Roman Pantheon

Temple of Apollo (Google Maps)
Temple of Apollo
Baths of Caracalla (Google Maps)
Baths of Caracalla

Temple of Diana (StreetView)
Temple of Diana

Temple of Venus (StreetView)
Temple of Venus

Mausoleum of Romulus (Google Maps)
Mausoleum of Romulus
Baths of Agrippa (remains) (Birds Eye)
Baths of Agrippa (remains)

Rotunda of Galerius (Birds Eye)
Rotunda of Galerius
Sanctuary of Asclepius (Google Maps)
Sanctuary of Asclepius

St. Gereon's Basilica (StreetView)
St. Gereon's Basilica