Military Wednesday - LORAN Stations February 29

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LORAN (LOng RAnge Navigation) is a terrestrial radio navigation system using low frequency radio transmitters in multiple deployment (multilateration) to determine the location and speed of the receiver. The most recent version of LORAN in use is LORAN-C, which operates in the low frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum from 90 to 110 Kilohertz. Many nations have used the system, including the United States, Japan, and several European countries. Russia uses a nearly identical system in the same frequency range, called CHAYKA.

LORAN-C transmitter Jupiter (Bing Maps)
LORAN-C transmitter Jupiter

Loran Station Searchlight (Google Maps)
Loran Station Searchlight
LORAN-C transmitter station George (Google Maps)
LORAN-C transmitter station George

LORAN-C transmitter station Carolina Beach (Google Maps)
LORAN-C transmitter station Carolina Beach

U.S. Coast Guard Loran Station Lampedusa (Google Maps)
U.S. Coast Guard Loran Station Lampedusa

LORAN C transmitter Malone (Google Maps)
LORAN C transmitter Malone
LORAN-C transmitter station Rantum (Google Maps)
LORAN-C transmitter station Rantum

Loran Transmitter Site (Former) (Google Maps)
Loran Transmitter Site (Former)
Inta CHAYKA Transmitter (Google Maps)
Inta CHAYKA Transmitter

Attu Island (Google Maps)
Attu Island