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Saturday, Nov 27 2010 by

Busking is the practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities. People engaging in this practice are called buskers. Buskers may also be known as street performers, street musicians, minstrels, or troubadours. Busking performances can be just about anything that people find entertaining. Buskers may do acrobatics, animal tricks, balloon twisting, card tricks, caricatures, clowning, comedy, contortions & escapes, dance, singing, fire eating, fire breathing, fortune-telling, juggling, magic, mime and a mime variation where the artist performs as a living statue, musical performance, puppeteering, snake charming, storytelling or recite poetry or prose as a bard, street art (sketching and painting, etc.), street theatre, sword swallowing, and even putting on a flea circus.

Robert John Burke a.k.a The Naked Cowboy (StreetView)
Robert John Burke a.k.a The Naked Cowboy

Street musician (StreetView)
Street musician
Man playing drums (StreetView)
Man playing drums

Band on the street (StreetView)
Band on the street

Concert in progress (StreetView)
Concert in progress

Street Artist (StreetView)
Street Artist
Guy Playing Harmonica (StreetView)
Guy Playing Harmonica

Accordion player (StreetView)
Accordion player
Accordion Player (StreetView)
Accordion Player

Man playing guitar (StreetView)
Man playing guitar
Guitar player (StreetView)
Guitar player

Playing guitar (StreetView)
Playing guitar
Man Playing a guitar (StreetView)
Man Playing a guitar

Moon man (StreetView)
Moon man
Human statue (StreetView)
Human statue

Clown (StreetView)