Novelty Saturday - HiFlyers

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Thursday, Oct 14 2010 by

The HiFlyer is a helium filled tethered balloon that lifts 30 people up to 150m. It provides passengers with a thrilling experience of a balloon flight.

World on the Berlin HiFlyer balloon (Google Maps)
World on the Berlin HiFlyer balloon

Johannesburg HiFlyer (StreetView)
Johannesburg HiFlyer
HiFlyer in Miami (Birds Eye)
HiFlyer in Miami

HiFlyer in Hamburg (Google Maps)
HiFlyer in Hamburg

HiFlyer in Baltimore (Google Maps)
HiFlyer in Baltimore

HiFlyer in Johannesburg (Google Maps)
HiFlyer in Johannesburg
HiFlyer at Leeds Castle (Google Maps)
HiFlyer at Leeds Castle

HiFlyer in Chantilly (Google Maps)
HiFlyer in Chantilly
HiFlyer in Beirut (Google Maps)
HiFlyer in Beirut

HiFlyer at Angkor Wat (Google Maps)
HiFlyer at Angkor Wat