October Celebrity Birthdays

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Curious who might be having a birthday this month?

Here’s a list of just a few celebrities who will be celebrating their annual trip around the sun in October, and some of the homes where they might be celebrating.

Kelly Ripa

October 2 is a weekday, so viewers will certainly be able to see her on her morning television show Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Hopefully she’ll celebrate on stage with the audience and crew, but she’ll certainly be celebrating with her family after work.

Maybe they’ll head to their mansion in Southampton, which is a 5,500 square foot house with five bedrooms, a great yard and a sweet pool. It set them back $2.35 million in 2004, and has been a great retreat for the family since then.

Kelly Ripa's house (Google Maps)
Kelly Ripa's house

Kate Winslet

Film icon Kate Winslet may turn 44 on October 5, but she’ll likely look as glamorous as ever. She may celebrate her birthday in her lovely home on the beach in Sussex, Great Britain.

She loves her eight bedroom beachside manor so much she’s even using it as the location for an upcoming Hollywood film, so it would make sense she celebrates there with her family if at all possible.

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Kate Winslet's House (Google Maps)
Kate Winslet's House

Simon Cowell

America’s favorite grumpy judge should remember that frowning can cause wrinkles, which you don’t want to see on your birthday. Simon Cowell turns 60 on October 7, and hopefully he’ll smile as he blows out all those candles.

If he’s in California filming America’s Got Talent or working on one of his many¬†television projects, he has no shortage of homes to celebrate in without leaving the area.

His main LA home, bought in 2005 from Jennifer Lopez, has been significantly renovated to be more family-friendly. The new 10,000 square foot “dream home” includes an epic terrace off the master suite, tanning salon, screening room and areas for the live-in help.

Simon Cowell's House (StreetView)
Simon Cowell's House

If that doesn’t satisfy him, he can zip down the street to the home he bought in 2011 for $15.5 million, and promptly began an extensive renovation.

It includes cashmere-covered couches and an ottoman that turns into a television.

Simon Cowell's House (Birds Eye)
Simon Cowell's House

If he’s in New York, he can celebrate in his newly renovated town home, which he bought for nearly $11 million, and of course, immediately began to renovate.

The home overlooks Central Park, which would make a lovely setting for a rendition of “Happy Birthday”, on tune of course.

Simon Cowell's House (Birds Eye)
Simon Cowell's House

Bruno Mars

Any home for Bruno Mars has to have a lot of shelf space to hold all his Grammy Awards.

The Hawaiian crooner should serenade himself with “Happy Birthday” on October 8 in his lovely $6.5 million Los Angeles mansion.

He’ll have plenty of activities to choose from in his home, which includes a children’s wing, a wine cellar, steam room, dry sauna, infinity pool and heated cabana.

Bruno Mars' House (Birds Eye)
Bruno Mars' House

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is everyone’s celebrity, from the people who love his X-Men character Wolverine to those who love to see him sing and dance in The Greatest Showman, and everyone will be wishing him a happy birthday on October 12. Aussie Hugh can celebrate his birthday all around the world.

He might eat cake and ice cream with his family in his Hamptons estate. The main house has been under renovation for four years, but the family stays in the gorgeous guest house when they visit, as often as their schedule permits.

Hugh Jackman's House (Google Maps)
Hugh Jackman's House

They may celebrate just down the road in the family’s New York City apartment, which they bought in 2008 for roughly $15 million. They actually bought a unit that spans three floors in the exclusive building in the West End.

Hugh Jackman's Apartment (StreetView)
Hugh Jackman's Apartment

Of course, the family may celebrate at home in Australia in their exclusive Bondi Beach apartment, which they bought for about $4 million. It overlooks the bay, has a state of the art kitchen,  and imported European wood floors.

Hugh Jackman's House (Google Maps)
Hugh Jackman's House


Hopefully Drake will celebrate his 33rd birthday at his Los Angeles home, which he bought in 2012 for almost $8 million. He claims he bought the house, which has a library, wine cellar, and indoor gym, for the pool, which is a huge, landscaped expanse that includes underground grottos.

The estate is nicknamed the “YOLO Estate” and it certainly lives up to the reputation. He hosts parties that are so awesome that the neighbors used to complain. Not for long, though, because Drake actually bought the neighbor’s house to resolve the issue!

If he’s in Los Angeles on October 24 to celebrate, the entire neighborhood will know about it, that’s for sure.

Drake's House (Birds Eye)
Drake's House

Having a birthday is usually fun, filled with song, celebration, good food and loved ones. But having a birthday as a celebrity is even better because you can celebrate on a whole new level, and choose among your many mansions where you want to party.