Odds and Ends Scavenger Hunt Results

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Sunday, Oct 27 2013 by

That was a very well fought scavenger hunt. For a while we had second and third place ties. Only a last minute post by Fab yanked the third place tie from daggerwell. Good job everyone. Congrats to Tyco for taking his second first place finish in a scavenger hunt. adrbr and Mike1989 tied for second. Good job everyone. A big thanks to everyone who played.

Andrew Hull's ghost bike (StreetView)
Andrew Hull's ghost bike

X-Ray (StreetView)
Man wearing a Jason Voorhees mask (StreetView)
Man wearing a Jason Voorhees mask

Cookies (StreetView)

Saw Puppet mask (StreetView)
Saw Puppet mask

Donuts (StreetView)
Disco Mirror Ball (StreetView)
Disco Mirror Ball

Smokey Bear (StreetView)
Smokey Bear
Percolating style coffee maker (StreetView)
Percolating style coffee maker

Microscope (StreetView)