Photo Safari #101 - Results

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Thursday, Jun 6 2013 by

It was another slow week on the Safari scene but I assumed it would when I picked robots as the subject. No problem though, we still got some really cool ones. adrbr started strong but was passed quickly by Fab. In the end it was Fab with more than half the submissions, adrbr in second and WacoKidd110 in third. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The final results are:

18 maps submitted.

Fab – 10 points
adrbr – 5 points
WacoKidd110 – 2 points
Mike1989 – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Robot graffiti (StreetView)
Robot graffiti

Robot (StreetView)
Robots (StreetView)

Robot (StreetView)

Robot (StreetView)

Giant robot sculpture (StreetView)
Giant robot sculpture
Tin Man (StreetView)
Tin Man

Mazinger Z (StreetView)
Mazinger Z
Robot Candy (StreetView)
Robot Candy

Robot Shop (StreetView)
Robot Shop