Photo Safari #102 - Comic Book Characters

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Thursday, Jun 6 2013 by

This week your mission is to seek out good thumbnails of comic book characters and super heroes. Now I know we’ve got a bunch of comic book shops in the. That could lead to a flood of poor quality, low res, over zoomed, thumbnails of comic book covers. So I’m going to rule out actual comic books. Posters, murals, ads, action figures, cardboard cutouts, etc. are fine but the thumbnail must be a very clear image of the character.

Post your finds to Street View – Safari Submission and another appropriate category for credit. Please include a Wikipedia More Info link. The Safari will end at 0700 UTC, Wednesday, June 12.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Betty Boop (StreetView)
Betty Boop

The Joker (StreetView)
The Joker
The Incredible Hulk (StreetView)
The Incredible Hulk

Captain America (StreetView)
Captain America

Spider Man (StreetView)
Spider Man

The Hulk (StreetView)
The Hulk
Snoopy Bounce "Knott's Berry Farm" (Google Maps)
Snoopy Bounce "Knott's Berry Farm"

Charlie Brown (StreetView)
Charlie Brown
Tin Tin (StreetView)
Tin Tin

Batman (StreetView)