Photo Safari #104 - Paintball

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Friday, Jul 26 2013 by

This week we’ll be doing all things paintball. Paintball courses, guns, ads, people playing, etc. Extra karma for Google Inside imagery and Mega Kudos for Inside Imagery of people actually playing paintball.

All map services are valid so Google Maps is fine too. There is a limit of one submission per paintball course or field. No submission may be from previously submitted courses or fields. The safari will end at 0700 UTC on Wednesday, July 31.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Paintball player (StreetView)
Paintball player

Hell Survivors (paintball playfield) (StreetView)
Hell Survivors (paintball playfield)
Paintball (StreetView)

Paintball equipment (StreetView)
Paintball equipment

Sgt Splatter’s Paintball (StreetView)
Sgt Splatter’s Paintball

Paintball Field (StreetView)
Paintball Field
Paintball Field (StreetView)
Paintball Field

Ambush Paintball (Birds Eye)
Ambush Paintball
Paintball Atlanta (Birds Eye)
Paintball Atlanta

Hollywood Sports Paintball Park (Google Maps)
Hollywood Sports Paintball Park