Photo Safari #14 - Results

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Wednesday, Aug 17 2011 by

kjfitz is in France for a cycling event, so I get to post the Safari results for a couple of weeks.

Another record setting safari this week with a whopping 598 maps. You posted way more than any other safari so far. Congratulations to kuressaare for finishing in the top spot.

The final results:

598 maps submitted.

kuressaare – 182 points
daggerwell – 132 points
WacoKidd110 – 113 points
adrbr – 76 points
LancelotLink – 68 points
kkeps – 15 points
Tyco – 12 points

Here are a few favorites kjfitz selected before he left.

The 'Black Pearl' (StreetView)
The 'Black Pearl'

SS Palo Alto (StreetView)
SS Palo Alto
NDCC Almirante Saboia (G-25) (StreetView)
NDCC Almirante Saboia (G-25)

Albion (StreetView)

Queen Elizabeth 2 (StreetView)
Queen Elizabeth 2

Tall Ship Kaskelot (StreetView)
Tall Ship Kaskelot
TurboJET 'Universal MK 2001' TriCat (StreetView)
TurboJET 'Universal MK 2001' TriCat

Le Bateau-Mouche II (StreetView)
Le Bateau-Mouche II
Pollux (StreetView)

Icebreaker Frej (StreetView)
Icebreaker Frej
Greenpeace ship 'Sirius' (StreetView)
Greenpeace ship 'Sirius'

Lady Nelson replica (StreetView)
Lady Nelson replica
Hirsholm MSD 5 (StreetView)
Hirsholm MSD 5

Amsterdam (VOC ship) (StreetView)
Amsterdam (VOC ship)

Tune back in at midnight when we’ll shop around for a new safari!