Photo Safari #15 - Temporary Markets and Stalls

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Thursday, Aug 18 2011 by

OK folks, we’re going to try something different this week. Let’s leave the nautical theme and move inland. This week we’re hunting out temporary retail and dining. Something not in a building. Food carts, temporary vegetable stands, markets, garage sales, flea markets, lemonade stands, etc. Anything where stuff is sold outside and if a structure is involved it is temporary (e.g. a tent, canopy, awning, card tables, wheeled, etc.)

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Have fun and happy hunting!

Outdoor Market (StreetView)
Outdoor Market

Hot Dog Stand (StreetView)
Hot Dog Stand
Sales stand with GDR military items (StreetView)
Sales stand with GDR military items

FC Barcelona fan stand (StreetView)
FC Barcelona fan stand

Market near Monaco (StreetView)
Market near Monaco

Flea market (StreetView)
Flea market
Kensington Market's Garden Car (StreetView)
Kensington Market's Garden Car

Street market (StreetView)
Street market
Hamburger Kebab Stand (StreetView)
Hamburger Kebab Stand

Flea market (StreetView)
Flea market