Photo Safari #23 - Results

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Wednesday, Oct 19 2011 by

Another Photo Safari is in the bag. This one had daggerwell pulling well into the lead early on and then holding it. WacoKidd110 and kkeps took well deserved 2nd and 3rd. Only three points separated fourth through sixth places. This safari also ties the record with ten participants. Well done folks!

The final results are:

272 maps submitted.

1. daggerwell – 92 points
2. WacoKidd110 – 60 points
3. kkeps – 31 points
4. giove – 25 points
4. adrbr – 25 points
5. LancelotLink – 21 points
6. Dania – 14 points
7. kaiken – 2 points
8. milwhcky – 1 points
8. mlc1us – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Rainbow (LGBT Pride) Flag (StreetView)
Rainbow (LGBT Pride) Flag

World flag mural (StreetView)
World flag mural
Royal Standard of Scotland (StreetView)
Royal Standard of Scotland

British Ulster Alliance Mural (StreetView)
British Ulster Alliance Mural

Canadian Flag (StreetView)
Canadian Flag

Brazilian flag bag (StreetView)
Brazilian flag bag
Papal flag (Vatican City flag) (StreetView)
Papal flag (Vatican City flag)

Cypriot flag (StreetView)
Cypriot flag
Flag of Schleswig-Holstein (StreetView)
Flag of Schleswig-Holstein

Rifondazione comunista party flag (StreetView)
Rifondazione comunista party flag
Flag of Nunavut (StreetView)
Flag of Nunavut

Chequered flag (StreetView)
Chequered flag
Detroit Tigers 1984 World Champs (StreetView)
Detroit Tigers 1984 World Champs

San Francisco flag (StreetView)
San Francisco flag

Tune back in at midnight when we’ll celebrate another photo safari!