Photo Safari #24 - Results

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Wednesday, Oct 26 2011 by

Well, this one was probably a bit harder than some previous contests. You had to work a bit more to find those celebrations. Newbie Matheus joined us for our first Safari and blew it away with a very strong first place position from the very start. Wacokidd110 held a strong second and adrbr made a last minute move into third. Thank you to everyone who participated!

The final results are:

81 maps submitted.

1. Matheus_ – 46 points
2. WacoKidd110 – 14 points
3. adrbr – 11 points
4. daggerwell – 5 points
5. Dania – 3 points
6. kaiken – 1 points
6. mlc1us – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Merry Christmas (StreetView)
Merry Christmas

Prince William and Kate Middleton mural (StreetView)
Prince William and Kate Middleton mural
2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival (StreetView)
2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival

Mexican Independence Day decorations (StreetView)
Mexican Independence Day decorations

Graduation! (StreetView)

Graduation! (StreetView)
Wedding (StreetView)

Street decorated (StreetView)
Street decorated
Party (StreetView)

France's celebration (1998 FIFA World Cup) (StreetView)
France's celebration (1998 FIFA World Cup)

November is going to be re-run month and we’ll return to a few previous popular themes. Tune back in at midnight for the first piece!