Photo Safari #28 - Roller Coasters and Ferris Wheels

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Thursday, Nov 17 2011 by

Welcome back to the 28th Photo Safari! This week I’m rolling out an all new category – roller coasters and ferris wheels in Street View. Karma for extreme cases …oldest, tallest, fastest, deadliest, former third slowest… you get the idea. Extra Karma for murals, posters or ads with a picture of a roller coaster or ferris wheel. King Karma to submissions with both in a single thumbnail!

Post your finds to Street View – Entertainment – Theme Parks, Circuses, Fairs and C for credit.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Big O ferris wheel (StreetView)
Big O ferris wheel

London Eye (StreetView)
London Eye
Montaña Infinitum Roller Coaster (StreetView)
Montaña Infinitum Roller Coaster

Space Eye (StreetView)
Space Eye

Titan V roller coaster (StreetView)
Titan V roller coaster

Ferris Wheel at Expoland (StreetView)
Ferris Wheel at Expoland
Upside down on the Griffon roller coaster (StreetView)
Upside down on the Griffon roller coaster

Cosmo Clock 21 - Ferris Wheel (StreetView)
Cosmo Clock 21 - Ferris Wheel
Fahrenheit Roller Coaster (StreetView)
Fahrenheit Roller Coaster

EXplorerKid indoor ferris wheel (StreetView)
EXplorerKid indoor ferris wheel