Photo Safari #41 - Results

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Thursday, Feb 23 2012 by

This was a high volume contest. With 555 posts it was second only to the “Large Named Ships” safari. For quite a while it looked like our newest safari participant LAADER was going to finally be the one to unseat Matheus_ until Matheus_ kicked it into high gear with a couple late night posting floods. Welcome to the fray LAADER! WacoKidd110, another regular in the top three, filled in for a solid third place. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The final results are:

555 maps submitted.

Matheus_ – 301 points
LAADER – 144 points
WacoKidd110 – 76 points
Mieguy – 14 points
kkeps – 11 points
daggerwell – 8 points
adrbr – 1 points

Mont Blanc Tunnel (StreetView)
Mont Blanc Tunnel

Waldo Tunnel (StreetView)
Waldo Tunnel
Landcross Tunnel (StreetView)
Landcross Tunnel

Fréjus Rail Tunnel (StreetView)
Fréjus Rail Tunnel

Heysen Tunnels (StreetView)
Heysen Tunnels

Mangaoapa road tunnel (StreetView)
Mangaoapa road tunnel
Tokyo Bay Aqua line tunnel (StreetView)
Tokyo Bay Aqua line tunnel

East Side Trolley Tunnel (StreetView)
East Side Trolley Tunnel
Posey Tube (StreetView)
Posey Tube

Prestbury tunnel (StreetView)
Prestbury tunnel

Check back in at midnight for a new type of meta-safari in a whole new place!