Photo Safari #47 - Elephants

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Friday, Mar 30 2012 by

This week we’re going on an Elephant Safari! Real elephants, elephant sculptures, ads with elephants, elephant graffiti, elephant signs. Karma for Blue Elephants (kjfitz’s totem).

Post your finds to Street View – Safari Submissions and another appropriate SV category (e.g. art, ads or animals). The Safari is starting late (sorry) but will still end at 0700 GMT/UTC on Wednesday, April 4th when it is removed from the games page.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Washing elephant sign (StreetView)
Washing elephant sign

Pink Elephant Wearing Bikini (StreetView)
Pink Elephant Wearing Bikini
Elephant skull (StreetView)
Elephant skull

African Elephant (StreetView)
African Elephant

Lucy the Margate Elephant (StreetView)
Lucy the Margate Elephant

Elephants (StreetView)
Elephant Rock (StreetView)
Elephant Rock

Elephant (StreetView)
Nice elephant (StreetView)
Nice elephant

Elephants (StreetView)