Photo Safari #47 - Results

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Thursday, Apr 5 2012 by

I enjoyed this safari. The number of posts was smaller as was expected but we had great participation and some really good posts. Thanks for all the Blue Elephants too! This week adrbr returns once again to the first place spot. daggerwell comes in second for the second week in a row and last week’s winner soper stays in the top three again. Dania, QwertyKPH and Mike1989 were all less than four points from third.

The final results are:

107 maps submitted.

adrbr – 30 points
daggerwell – 23 points
soper – 12 points
Dania – 11 points
QwertyKPH – 10 points
Mike1989 – 8 points
WacoKidd110 – 6 points
Tyco – 4 points
SpiderX22 – 2 points
LancelotLink – 1 points

Topiary Elephants (StreetView)
Topiary Elephants

Dumbo the Flying Elephant (StreetView)
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Blue Elephant Theatre sign (StreetView)
Blue Elephant Theatre sign

Elephant trekking (StreetView)
Elephant trekking

Elephant on rooftop (StreetView)
Elephant on rooftop

Elephants (StreetView)
Elephant with calf (StreetView)
Elephant with calf

Plush Elephant (StreetView)
Plush Elephant
Elephant (Go Elephants) (StreetView)
Elephant (Go Elephants)

Elephant (and Rhino) Statues wearing Clothes (StreetView)
Elephant (and Rhino) Statues wearing Clothes

Tune back in at midnight for another picture perfect photo safari!