Photo Safari #56 - Results

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Thursday, Jun 7 2012 by

Ok, everyone go brush your teeth; we saw a whole lot of candy this week. You started slow but built steadily through the week. adrbr lead to start until kkeps and Matheus_ started their duel. It was neck-and-neck for a few days and then Matheus_ pulled through for a strong finish. WacoKidd110 gave a strong showing in third while continuing his wonderful art and railroad collections. Thanks everyone who posted!

Here are the final results:

233 maps submitted.

Matheus_ – 92 points
kkeps – 61 points
WacoKidd110 – 27 points
soper – 18 points
skyeye – 10 points
adrbr – 9 points
daggerwell – 7 points
Mike1989 – 7 points
gordonhigh – 1 points
Tyco – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Mercado Chocolaté Loco (StreetView)
Mercado Chocolaté Loco

m&m's Colorworks Dispenser (StreetView)
m&m's Colorworks Dispenser
Oh! Chocolate (StreetView)
Oh! Chocolate

Candy (StreetView)

San Francisco Chocolate Store (StreetView)
San Francisco Chocolate Store

Candy (StreetView)
Chocolate Ad (StreetView)
Chocolate Ad

Candy bars (StreetView)
Candy bars
Giant M&M's (StreetView)
Giant M&M's

Cactus Candy Company (StreetView)
Cactus Candy Company
Candy Heaven (StreetView)
Candy Heaven

Preston's Candy and Ice Cream (StreetView)
Preston's Candy and Ice Cream

Picture another safari starting at midnight!