Photo Safari #57 - Murals Two

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Thursday, Jun 7 2012 by

This week you’ll be hunting for murals again. Paintings on walls. No graffiti please, we’ve done that twice (and may do it again as it seems pretty popular.) No More Info link is required this week but it if you have some background info on the mural (subject, artists, origin, age, etc.) feel free to add a description and a link. Karma for Trompe-l’œil.

Post your finds to both Street View – Art – Murals and Street View – Safari Submissions for credit.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Trompe-l'œil (StreetView)

Map of Vancouver Island (StreetView)
Map of Vancouver Island
Parachutes (StreetView)

Shark! (StreetView)

Chicago firefighter mural (StreetView)
Chicago firefighter mural

Mermaid & unicorn on the beach (StreetView)
Mermaid & unicorn on the beach
Mural (StreetView)

Mural (StreetView)
Kobe Mural (StreetView)
Kobe Mural

Mural (StreetView)