Photo Safari #6 - Street View Sports

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Thursday, Jun 16 2011 by

When I created the last safari I was worried that y’all wouldn’t go out of your way to find the art posters. I thought maybe they’d be too obscure. Once again you rocked it! Good job and thank you.

This week we’re going hunting in Street View for people taking part in a sporting activities. Frisbee, golf, hang-gliding, football, soccer, baseball, etc. Extra karma for finding a sport that hasn’t been posted before in Street View. Ultimate Frisbee or paintball anyone?

Post your results in Street View -> Events – People doing Interesting Things for credit.

Good luck and have fun!

Bikini Clad Hula Hooper at the beach (StreetView)
Bikini Clad Hula Hooper at the beach

Crazy SCUBA Guys Chase Street View (StreetView)
Crazy SCUBA Guys Chase Street View
Google snowmobile driver (StreetView)
Google snowmobile driver

Boy on skateboard (StreetView)
Boy on skateboard

Rollerblader (StreetView)

Jogging (StreetView)
Lacrosse Game in Progress (StreetView)
Lacrosse Game in Progress

Bungee trampoline (StreetView)
Bungee trampoline
Surfer Dude (StreetView)
Surfer Dude

Three tandem bikes (StreetView)
Three tandem bikes