Photo Safari #67 - Results

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Saturday, Sep 1 2012 by

We had a close one this week. Spectacular and very well documented posts were the norm for this contest. There were a bunch more posts than I had expected too. Good job everyone.

Mike1989 just edged out daggerwell for first with WacoKidd110 and kkeps only three posts apart for third place.

The final results are:

85 maps submitted.

Mike1989 – 31 points
daggerwell – 29 points
WacoKidd110 – 14 points
kkeps – 11 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Pyramid of the Magician (StreetView)
Pyramid of the Magician

The Pyramid of the Niches (StreetView)
The Pyramid of the Niches
Ballcourt goal, Uxmal (StreetView)
Ballcourt goal, Uxmal

"El Caracol" observatory temple (StreetView)
"El Caracol" observatory temple

Coatepantili (Wall of Serpents) (StreetView)
Coatepantili (Wall of Serpents)

Nunnery Quadrangle, South Building (StreetView)
Nunnery Quadrangle, South Building
Palacio Quemado (StreetView)
Palacio Quemado

Structure 3, Bonampak (StreetView)
Structure 3, Bonampak
Altar, Monte Albán (StreetView)
Altar, Monte Albán

'Danzantes' (Dancers), Monte Albán (StreetView)
'Danzantes' (Dancers), Monte Albán