Photo Safari #72 - Celebs Inside

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Thursday, Sep 27 2012 by

This week your mission is to go inside again. Google Inside and Google Museums that is. You’ll be looking for pictures, posters, photos, murals, paintings, autographs, etc. of 20th century celebrities, sports figures, politicians, entertainers, scholars, artists, etc. Kudos for relatively unknown foreign celebs in their own country.

The subject must either be alive or have been alive during the 20th century. Post your celebs to Street View – Safari Submission and one other appropriate category. Please include a wiki link and put at least the first sentence from the wiki article that includes their birth date. The safari will end at 0700 UTC on October 3.

Since the doc says I’m cleared to get back on the bike for the first time in four months I’ll be awarding kudos for postings of professional bicycle racers this week. So be sure to check out all those bike shops.

HINTS: The National Portrait Museum, sports bars, pubs, movie posters, sporting goods stores, music shops, night clubs, and many types of shops in tourist areas, are also great sources of Celebs Inside.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples, most of them posted in just the last three days:

Keith Richards by Sebastian Krüger (StreetView)
Keith Richards by Sebastian Krüger

Barack Obama (StreetView)
Barack Obama
Cast of Star Wars Episode IV (StreetView)
Cast of Star Wars Episode IV

'Layla' golden single by Eric Clapton (StreetView)
'Layla' golden single by Eric Clapton

The Jackson 5 (StreetView)
The Jackson 5

James Brown (StreetView)
James Brown
Joe Namath (StreetView)
Joe Namath

Chris de Burgh (StreetView)
Chris de Burgh
James Blunt (StreetView)
James Blunt

Tommy Tiernan (StreetView)
Tommy Tiernan