Photo Safari #74 - Graffiti #4

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Friday, Oct 12 2012 by

We haven’t done this category since February so… Back yet again by popular demand… graffiti!! As before, everything goes but tags. Be sure you don’t post a mural. A good rule of thumb is that if it is part of the decor of a business it probably isn’t real graffiti. Karma for really big pieces, cartoon characters and any by Paris based Nemo.

Post your finds to Street View – Art – Graffiti and Street View – Safari – Submission for credit. The safari will end at 0700 UTC on October 17.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Graffiti by JR (StreetView)
Graffiti by JR

Casper the Friendly Ghost (StreetView)
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Marilyn Monroe graffiti (StreetView)
Marilyn Monroe graffiti

Sexy Graffiti (StreetView)
Sexy Graffiti

Fish graffiti (StreetView)
Fish graffiti

Graffiti by BNE (StreetView)
Graffiti by BNE
Skull graffiti (StreetView)
Skull graffiti

Graffiti (StreetView)
Graffiti (StreetView)

President Bush graffiti (StreetView)
President Bush graffiti