Photo Safari #76 - Results

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Thursday, Nov 1 2012 by

Have we picked over the world’s novelty buildings a bit too well? Maybe. This week saw minimal posts with a grand total of 27 submissions. Tyco dominated with 18 and a tie for second between giove and Mike1989 with 3 each. Everyone else tied for third with 1 each. I guess that’s the first time we had 6 people in the top three positions. Thansk all!

The final results:

27 maps submitted.

Tyco – 18 points
giove – 3 points
Mike1989 – 3 points
Dania – 1 points
Kemosabe – 1 points
WacoKidd110 – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Orange World (StreetView)
Orange World

Little Man Ice Cream (StreetView)
Little Man Ice Cream
Galeone restaurant (StreetView)
Galeone restaurant

Cone House (StreetView)
Cone House

Mammy's Cupboard (StreetView)
Mammy's Cupboard

Haines Shoe House (StreetView)
Haines Shoe House
River Road Queen (StreetView)
River Road Queen

Crocodile shaped hotel (StreetView)
Crocodile shaped hotel
Gallon Measure (StreetView)
Gallon Measure

The Richmond Dairy Apartments (StreetView)
The Richmond Dairy Apartments