Photo Safari #86 - Results

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Thursday, Feb 7 2013 by

Matheus_ is back! He dominated this safari finding a wopping 126 flags. Mike1989 and WacoKidd110 fought it out for second and third with 21 and 20 posts each. We had some really cool maps. Last time everyone seemed to post national flags while this time local flags dominated. Good job! Thanks for playing everyone.

Here are the final results:

185 maps submitted.

Matheus_ – 126 points
Mike1989 – 21 points
WacoKidd110 – 20 points
adrbr – 8 points
daggerwell – 6 points
Fab – 4 points

Here a few of my favorites:

POW/MIA flag (StreetView)
POW/MIA flag

Flag of the United States mural (StreetView)
Flag of the United States mural
Rainbow Flags (StreetView)
Rainbow Flags

Flags of the World (StreetView)
Flags of the World

Flags of the World (StreetView)
Flags of the World

Havenbedrijf Delfzijl B.V. (StreetView)
Havenbedrijf Delfzijl B.V.
Vasco da Gama flag (StreetView)
Vasco da Gama flag

Flag of Alameda (StreetView)
Flag of Alameda
Bait flags (StreetView)
Bait flags

Rainbow/US flag (StreetView)
Rainbow/US flag

Tune back in at midnight to see if you can face another safari!