Photo Safari #88 - Israel!

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Thursday, Feb 14 2013 by

It has been a while since we did a meta-safari. Since Israel is the most recent country to add imagery we’ll focus on it.

Your mission this week is to find great posts in Israel. The subjects of your posts will be a meta-list of many of the previous Safaris. Same list as we used in the Russia!, Czech Republic! and Thailand! safaris.

Graffiti, Celebrity Images, Art Shows, Sports, Identifiable Art in Museums, Planes, Trains, Animals, Pedal-craft, Public Safety, Ship Parts, Large Named Ships, Temporary Retail, Construction Equipment, Castles and Forts, Google Car Reflections, Non-Israeli Flags, Celebrations, Statues of Famous People, Museums, Wineries and Breweries, World War II (good luck with that in Israel), Stadiums and Sports Venues, Murals, Roadside Attractions, Sports Team Logos, and Water Tower Art will all be valid categories.

Be sure to have clear thumbnails. We’ll continue cracking down on generic submissions (e.g. Mural, Statue, Car, Museum, etc.) Please use more descriptive titles so that people can search for them (e.g. Mural of a Monkey Eating, Statue of Bob Smith, Early Model Ford Mustang, Podunk Museum of Art, etc.) We may still accept the map but it won’t be eligible for the safari.

Use the Street View – Safari Submission and any other valid categories for your maps. Include the appropriate documentation and More Info links. This Safari will end at 0700 GMT/UTC on Wednesday, February 20 when it is removed from the games page.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Merchandise on a car (StreetView)
Merchandise on a car

Yasser Arafat (StreetView)
Yasser Arafat
African wild dog (StreetView)
African wild dog

Surfers (StreetView)

White Cockattoo (StreetView)
White Cockattoo

"Achilles Discovered among the Daughters of Lycomedes" by Pieter van Lint (StreetView)
"Achilles Discovered among the Daughters of Lycomedes" by Pieter van Lint
Israel Border Police vehicle (StreetView)
Israel Border Police vehicle

"The Castle of the Pyrenees" by René Magritte (StreetView)
"The Castle of the Pyrenees" by René Magritte
Google trike reflection at the beach (StreetView)
Google trike reflection at the beach

Israel Railways locomotive (StreetView)
Israel Railways locomotive