Photo Safari #9 - Animals

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Thursday, Jul 7 2011 by

So you think by now a ‘safari’ would involve animals, right? Not so much. Until now that is. Your mission this week (other than to defeat adrbr) is to find as many “wild animals” as possible. Please no domesticated animals. We’re looking for lions and tigers, deer and moose, monkeys and apes. Zoos, circuses, posters, murals, advertisements, stuffed and sculpted all count. Yeah for loose rules.

Post your animals in Street View -> Nature – Birds and Animals for credit.

Extra Karma for any that I subjectively think are unusual or rare.

Monkey Mural (StreetView)
Monkey Mural

SAVANA truck (StreetView)
SAVANA truck
Spotted Hyena (StreetView)
Spotted Hyena

Reindeer (StreetView)

Hanging Lion (StreetView)
Hanging Lion

Polar bear (StreetView)
Polar bear
Lions (StreetView)

American Black Bear (StreetView)
American Black Bear
Monkey (StreetView)

Zoo Ostrava (StreetView)
Zoo Ostrava