Photo Safari #95 - Mosques

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Thursday, Apr 4 2013 by

This week we’ll go with another mixed mapping service safari. Your mission: mosques. Please include the name of the mosque in your post. A More Info link would also be great if you can find one.

Any map serveice, GM, GE, SV, BEV, B, YM, is valid this week. Post your finds to Street View – Safari Submission and another appropriate category. (i.e. Buildings – Religious – Islam or Street View – Buildings – Religious.) The safari will end at 0700, Wednesday April 10th.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

'Aurangzeb's Mosque' by Thomas Daniell (StreetView)
'Aurangzeb's Mosque' by Thomas Daniell

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque (StreetView)
Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque
Great Mahmudiye Mosque (Carol I Mosque) (StreetView)
Great Mahmudiye Mosque (Carol I Mosque)

Yeşil Camii - Green Mosque (Google Maps)
Yeşil Camii - Green Mosque

Mevlana Mosque (StreetView)
Mevlana Mosque

Grand Mosque of Lomé (Google Maps)
Grand Mosque of Lomé
St. Petersburg Mosque (StreetView)
St. Petersburg Mosque

Eski Camii - Old Mosque (Google Maps)
Eski Camii - Old Mosque
Juma Masjid Mosque (StreetView)
Juma Masjid Mosque

Mehmet Zahid Kotku Mosque (Google Maps)
Mehmet Zahid Kotku Mosque