Photo Safari #99 - Google Inside

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Thursday, May 2 2013 by

Let’s do an easy one. This week we’ll go inside, Google Inside. Your mission is to hunt out interior shots of locations that have not been posted before. Valid types of inside shots will be limited to book or comic stores, music or record stores, antique stores, art galleries (but not frame shops), museums, novelty or gift stores, candy or chocolate shops (not just a candy counter in a store), government buildings (libraries, train stations, capitals, etc.), and shooting or paintball ranges.

One post per location. The location must never have been submitted before. Kudos for identifying a particular artist on show in a gallery, and big kudos for new museums. Super kudos for new aviation or space museums.

The safari will end at 0700 UTC on Wednesday, May 8. Please post your finds to Street View – Photo Safari and another appropriate category.

Have fun and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Grolier Poetry Book Shop (StreetView)
Grolier Poetry Book Shop

Schoenhof's Foreign Books (StreetView)
Schoenhof's Foreign Books
Candy shop (StreetView)
Candy shop

Big Top Candy Shop (StreetView)
Big Top Candy Shop

The Rymer Gallery (StreetView)
The Rymer Gallery

Joshua Liner Gallery (StreetView)
Joshua Liner Gallery
Tanegashima Space Center Gift shop (StreetView)
Tanegashima Space Center Gift shop

International Spy Museum gift shop (StreetView)
International Spy Museum gift shop
Paintball equipment (StreetView)
Paintball equipment

Paintball player (StreetView)
Paintball player