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Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 by

Welcome to the ‘Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and More‘ Scavenger Hunt. This will be a much expanded version of the previous popular Transportation Scavenger Hunt that we held back in 2013.

This hunt’s theme will be transportation. The rules are simple and there aren’t a lot of special notes this time. Unless otherwise noted pictures, ads, comics, murals, photos, etc. are all fair game. Not words, pictures. All mapping services can be used. I only ask that the vehicle be clear enough in the thumbnail to be unambiguously validated by the moderator. If the moderator needs a More Info link to validate the submission, please provide one.

The Safari will end at midnight on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

List of categories are here.

Good luck and happy hunting!


Note 1 – Pictures not allowed. Must be imagery of an actual, real, vehicle.
Note 2 – Include More Info link.
Note 3 – Not a tethered tourist balloon


* Please do not use the Safari submission category. This is a Scavenger Hunt.

* No or other geolocation sites may be used for More Info links.

* More Info links should not point to an image or picture.

* Generally if someone posts a category from one location, you may not post a submission for that same category that is related to the original submission (i.e. geographically similar).