Scavenger Hunt - Summer Vacation

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Thursday, Jul 18 2013 by

Since it’s summer time it’s time for summer vacation. Let’s go on a summer vacation scavenger hunt! This is a short one compared to the last two so get your submissions in quickly.

For this scavenger hunt we’re limiting submissions to Google Street View, Google Android Panorama Imagery (the blue dots in street view), and Google Business Imagery (the orange dots in street view). The scavenger hunt will end at 0700 UTC on Wed, July 24.

Good luck and happy hunting!

A few rules that always apply:

* Unless otherwise stated a picture, ad, photo, mural, graffiti, or other depiction of the scavenger hunt item is fine.

* No or other geolocation sites may be used for More Info links.

* No photo only More Info links. The page linked to must have a relevant caption or description describing subject matter. i.e. not just a link to a jpg or png file.

* Generally if someone posts a category from one location, you may not post a submission for that same category that is related to the original submission.

NOTE 1: Not a picture, ad, mural, etc. Must be an actual occurrence.

NOTE 2: Photo, mural, T-shirt, model, souvenir, etc. Karma for creativity!

NOTE 3: Only valid if you can capture the novel object or site in a thumbnail. Include a link to the relevant URL in the more info link.



NOTE 6: Not just someone wearing a shoulder bag in the city. Really hiking in the wilderness. There is various Google imagery out on trails. Use that as your starting point.

This hunt runs from 2013-07-18 through 2013-07-23.