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Australian football, also commonly referred to as football, or Aussie rules, colloquially as footy, and historically as Australasian football or Victorian football, is a variant of football played between two teams of 18 players, plus four interchange players, outdoors on large oval-shaped grass fields (often modified cricket fields), with a ball in the shape of a prolate spheroid.

Hawthorn, Melbourne, Richmond, Collingwood

Melbourne Cricket Grounds (Google Maps)
Melbourne Cricket Grounds


ANZ Stadium (Google Maps)
ANZ Stadium
Aussie Stadium & Sydney Cricket Ground (Google Maps)
Aussie Stadium & Sydney Cricket Ground

Essendon, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs, North Melbourne, Carlton

Docklands Stadium (Etihad Stadium) (Google Maps)
Docklands Stadium (Etihad Stadium)

Port Adelaide, Adelaide

AAMI Stadium (Google Maps)
AAMI Stadium

West Coast, Fremantle

Subiaco Oval (Google Maps)
Subiaco Oval


Gabba, The (Google Maps)
Gabba, The


Skilled Stadium (Birds Eye)
Skilled Stadium


York Park (Aurora Stadium) (Google Maps)
York Park (Aurora Stadium)

Gold Coast

Carrara Stadium (Google Maps)
Carrara Stadium

Western Bulldogs

Manuka Oval (Google Maps)
Manuka Oval

Western Bulldogs, Melbourne, Richmond, Port Adelaide

TIO Stadium Cricket Ground (Google Maps)
TIO Stadium Cricket Ground