Street View Hunt: 145 maps and one clear winner

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Thursday, Aug 23 2007 by

The Street View Scavenger Hunt has just finished, and we have a clear winner: mlc1us!

Congratulations mlc1us on getting 86 points and taking 1st place. maveriick was close behind in 2nd place with 63 points, and milwhcky trailing in 3rd with 18 points.

Check the final standings here.

There were lots of great maps submitted! Some of my favorites:

Dog in a Car (StreetView)
Dog in a Car

Funny Hat (StreetView)
Funny Hat

Mounted Policeman (StreetView)
Mounted Policeman

Looking out the front window (StreetView)
Looking out the front window

Pink Castle Bouncy House (StreetView)
Pink Castle Bouncy House

Feedback on the hunt is welcome!