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Monday, Apr 5 2010 by

April 5, 1937 – Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State

Colin Powell's House (Birds Eye)
Colin Powell's House

April 6, 1945 – Neal Boortz, American talk radio personality

Neal Boortz's penthouse condo (Birds Eye)
Neal Boortz's penthouse condo

April 7, 1928 – James Garner, American actor

James Garner's House (deceased) (Google Maps)
James Garner's House (deceased)

April 8, 1968 – Patricia Arquette, American actress

Patricia Arquette's House (former) (Birds Eye)
Patricia Arquette's House (former)

April 9, 1974 – Jenna Jameson, American pornographic actress

Jenna Jameson's House (former) (Birds Eye)
Jenna Jameson's House (former)

April 10, 1951 – Steven Seagal, American actor

Steven Seagal's House (former) (Birds Eye)
Steven Seagal's House (former)

April 11, 1974 – Tricia Helfer, Canadian model and actor

Tricia Helfer's House (former) (Birds Eye)
Tricia Helfer's House (former)