This Week's Birthdays - Week of April 16

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April 16, 1886 – Ernst Thälmann, was the leader of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) during much of the Weimar Republic.

Ernst Thälmann Monument (Birds Eye)
Ernst Thälmann Monument

April 17, 1972 – Jennifer Anne Affleck, better known as Jennifer Garner, is an American actress.

Jennifer Garner (StreetView)
Jennifer Garner

April 18, 1974 – Milagros Ninnete Corretjer Maldonado, known as, Millie Corretjer, is a Puerto Rican singer and actress.

Millie Corretjer (StreetView)
Millie Corretjer

April 19, 1969 – Jesse Gregory James is an American television personality and CEO of West Coast Choppers, a manufacturer of custom-made motorcycles.

Jesse James (StreetView)
Jesse James

April 20, 1841 – Ohio Columbus Barber was an American businessman, industrialist and philanthropist.

Ohio Columbus Barber statue (StreetView)
Ohio Columbus Barber statue

April 21, 1915 – Antonio Rodolfo Quinn-Oaxaca, more commonly known as Anthony Quinn, was a Chihuahua-born American actor, as well as a painter and writer.

Anthony Quinn statue (StreetView)
Anthony Quinn statue

April 22, 1918 – James Barton “Mickey” Vernon, was an American first baseman in Major League Baseball.

James B. ‘Mickey’ Vernon statue (StreetView)
James B. ‘Mickey’ Vernon statue