This Week's Birthdays - Week of December 1

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December 1, 1985 – Janelle Monáe, an American R&B / soul musician signed to Bad Boy Records and Atlantic Records.

Janelle Monáe (StreetView)
Janelle Monáe

December 2, 1923 – Maria Callas, an American born Greek soprano and one of the most renowned opera singers of the 20th century.

Maria Callas (StreetView)
Maria Callas

December 3, 1985 – Amanda Michelle Seyfried, an American actress and model.

Amanda Seyfried (StreetView)
Amanda Seyfried

December 4, 1944 – Dennis Carl Wilson, an American drummer, singer and songwriter best known as a founding member of the rock band The Beach Boys.

Dennis Wilson 'Pacific Ocean Blue' t-shirt (StreetView)
Dennis Wilson 'Pacific Ocean Blue' t-shirt

December 5, 1839 – George Armstrong Custer (December 5, 1839 – June 25, 1876) was a United States Army officer and cavalry commander in the American Civil War and the Indian Wars.

George Armstrong Custer (StreetView)
George Armstrong Custer

December 6, 1824 – Emmanuel Frémiet, a French sculptor.

'Jeune éléphant pris au piège' by Emmanuel Frémiet (StreetView)
'Jeune éléphant pris au piège' by Emmanuel Frémiet

December 7, 1928 – Avram Noam Chomsky, an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political critic, and activist.

Noam Chomsky (StreetView)
Noam Chomsky