This Week's Birthdays - Week of November 17

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November 17, 1948 – Former Vermont governor Howard Dean.

Howard Dean portrait (StreetView)
Howard Dean portrait

November 18, 1923 – Alan Shepard, Jr., one of the original Mercury Seven Astronauts.

'Mercury Seven' Astronauts (StreetView)
'Mercury Seven' Astronauts

November 19, 1973 – Savion Glover (born November 19, 1973) is an American tap dancer, actor, and choreographer.

Savion Glover & Jeff "Tain" Watts (StreetView)
Savion Glover & Jeff "Tain" Watts

November 20, 1925 – Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy was an American politician, a Democratic senator from New York, and a noted civil rights activist.

Robert F. Kennedy (StreetView)
Robert F. Kennedy

November 21, 1952 – Eamonn Christopher Coghlan is an Irish Senator and former athlete, who specialised in middle distance track events and the 5000 metres.

Eamonn Coghlan (StreetView)
Eamonn Coghlan

November 22, 1890 – Charles de Gaulle was a French general and statesman who led the Free French Forces during World War II.

Statue of Charles de Gaulle (StreetView)
Statue of Charles de Gaulle

November 23, 1888 – Adolph “Harpo” Marx was an American comedian and film star. He was the second-oldest of the Marx Brothers.

The Marx Brothers (StreetView)
The Marx Brothers