Today in History - May 20

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Thursday, May 20 2010 by

1956 – In Operation Redwing, (shot Cherokee), the first United States airborne hydrogen bomb is dropped over Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean;

Bikini Atoll (Google Maps)
Bikini Atoll

1927 – At 07:52 Charles Lindbergh takes off from Roosevelt Field in Long Island, New York, on the world’s first solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, touching down at Le Bourget Field in Paris at 22:22 the next day.

Roosevelt Field (abandoned) (Google Maps)
Roosevelt Field (abandoned)
Le Bourget Airport (LBG) (Google Maps)
Le Bourget Airport (LBG)

1896 – The six ton chandelier of the Palais Garnier falls on the crowd resulting in the death of one and the injury of many others.

Palais Garnier (Opéra de Paris) (StreetView)
Palais Garnier (Opéra de Paris)