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Thursday, Nov 4 2010 by

VirtualGlobetrotting now has Achievements you can unlock by participating on the site and reaching certain milestones!

Take a look at the achievements I’ve unlocked:

For example, after you’ve submitted 10 maps, you unlock the Explorer badge:

After submitting 100 maps, you’re a Pathfinder!

Each achievement has several levels (and unique titles to go along with them).

The full list of Achievements is hidden, but you can see some of the achievements other users have by clicking on their Achievements tab.

In addition to Achievements, you can also hold titles, such as the King of a country or the Governor of a state if you have the most submissions for that location:

You can click on any of your Achievements to get more details about why you unlocked it, what level you’re at, and how to progress to the next level:

Let us know what you think!