VirtualGlobetrotting collects all celebrity homes, will close on April 10th

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Friday, Apr 1 2011 by

Just 10 days before it’s 6th anniversary, VirtualGlobetrotting has finally collected all 19,709 celebrity homes in the world!

The final celebrity home was posted by neotrix on March 28th at 1:34pm:

Yuri Milner's house (Google Maps)
Yuri Milner's house

When I created VirtualGlobetrotting 6 years ago, on April 10th, 2005, I really had no idea that we would get to this point, this soon. Who would have thought that we’d achieve a rate of over 28.4 celebrity homes per day? The dedication of the community has helped VirtualGlobetrotting reach my long term (and previously unthinkable) goal of collecting every celebrity home in the world.

I was skeptical at first, when no new celebrity homes came in for a day or two. Are we really there? Have we found them all? To be sure, I tasked our amazing team of moderators to determine if it was true. They have tireless spent the last few days scouring the all of the ends of the internet, and have concluded that yes, we really did find them all.

I don’t really know what we should do at this point. I never thought we would actually finish our collection.

Since all of the celebrity homes have been found, cataloged and accounted for, we’re a little worried about what the site will degrade into. We’ve already started seeing some people posting pictures of homes that wished they were celebrities:

House front that some say looks like Hitler (StreetView)
House front that some say looks like Hitler

And even just posts of their cats and dogs:

Cat (StreetView)

I want to break free! (StreetView)
I want to break free!

These are completely uninteresting to us, so please stop posting them.

It’s obvious that, at this point, people are bored with the lack of celebrity homes to post, so we’ve decided to pull the plug on all submissions officially on April 10th, 2011. The submit form will be deleted at that time. If new celebrity homes (or actual celebrities) are created between now and April 10th, please make sure to get them submitted before the submission form is deleted.

Thanks for helping us collect them all!