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Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 by

VirtualGlobetrotting now has an on-site map viewer for all map (thumbnail) clicks:

VGT embedded map viewer

We hope it will enhance your map browsing experience! Some of its features:

  • Meta-data about the map such as description and location
    Easy VGT submit
  • Easily switch between Google Maps, Live Local and Yahoo Maps views
    Easy VGT submit
  • Updated latitude and longitude information as you move around the map
    Easy VGT submit
  • Quickly show the map’s direct URL for sharing with others, and a Submit Location button to submit the current view quickly to VGT
    Easy VGT submit

Note: If you’re a logged in user and you’d rather go straight to the mapping site (, instead of the embedded map viewer, you can go your “Edit Profile” page and change your preferences.

If you see any problems with it, please let us know!