What to do if you want your house post removed

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Friday, May 2 2008 by

Step 1: Hire a lawyer and threaten to sue us.
Step 2: ??
Step 3: Profit!

Just kidding!

We have this detailed on the site policies page as well, but if your private property is listed on the website and you wish to have it removed, simply contact the admins and we will scrub all personal information from the post — the location, city, and link to the Google/Live maps page. All that will remain is the cached images from the mapping sites (since that is publicly available).

We would prefer you not send us a threatening cease and desist, demanding that we remove a certain New York “flying” football team’s head coach’s name because we’re infringing upon his rights of publicity (!?) and threatening legal action if we do not. It’s quite unnecessary. A simply “would you please” works just as good as threatening to take us to court.