Who's Having a Birthday in August?

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Thursday, Aug 20 2020 by

Having a summer birthday is great! You can celebrate with a big backyard bash, a pool party, or a day at the beach. Celebrities can celebrate with even more flair, and with their amazing houses, they have the perfect location for a once a year bash.

Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen, Hollywood icon and father of Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, has lived in the same Malibu home with his wife since 1970, raising their children there as his career took off. His home was threatened by fire in 2018, but was fortunately just “covered in ash”.

America’s favorite TV president celebrated his 80th birthday on August 3, and he and his artist wife are likely as anything to spend it in their ranch style home, since they are so comfortable there after all these years.

Martin Sheen's House (Birds Eye)
Martin Sheen's House

Anna Kendrick

On August 9, amazing actress and singer Anna Kendrick celebrated her 35th birthday. The actress has starred alongside actors from George Clooney to Rebel Wilson, and has made great friends along the way. When she celebrates, she’ll have many people who will want to celebrate with her, and perhaps she’ll throw a fete at her chill two story LA home that she bought in 2012 for $1.02 million.

She has always appeared to be a cool, fun friend, and her friends will certainly want to sing and celebrate with her all night long. Happy Birthday Anna!

Anna Kendrick's House (Google Maps)
Anna Kendrick's House

Viola Davis

Viola Davis has been rated as one of the most influential people in the world, in addition to being part of a rare acting club, having won an Academy Award, Emmy and Tony. The awards have a wonderful place to call home in her $5.7 million home in Toluca Lake. The contemporary home has a pool, of course, and five bedrooms and eight bathrooms spread out among about 8,000 square feet.

This would be the perfect place to host a birthday party when she turned 55 on August 11. Even if she keeps it low-key, her trophies, awards and accolades can keep her company for sure!

Viola Davis's House (Google Maps)
Viola Davis's House

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence had a milestone birthday on August 15, when she turns 30 years old. The newlywed actress, one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, can do anything and go anywhere she wants to celebrate. Maybe, though, she’ll stay close to home this year.

Her $8 million, 5,500 square foot home in Beverly Hills is amazing enough to serve as a destination for a spectacular 30th birthday blowout. It is in a very exclusive area of LA, and the home itself has been owned by more than a half dozen celebrities including Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres.

Jennifer Lawrence's House (Birds Eye)
Jennifer Lawrence's House

Amy Adams

Amy Adams has been a reliably amazing actress since she first came to Hollywood, and has been as stable in her personal life as well. She and her husband and daughter have lived in the same Beverly Hills home since 2010, when they bought the 4,300 square foot home for $3.2 million.

The house is amazing, and includes a second floor master suite with a fireplace, two walk-in closets. This place would be a great place for the family to celebrate her 46th birthday on August 20!

Amy Adams' House (Birds Eye)
Amy Adams' House

Melissa McCarthy

Actress and comedienne Melissa McCarthy will turn 50 on August 26, and this milestone birthday should be a good one! Melissa has starred on television shows, in movies, and is a household celebrity.

She and her husband Ben Falcone bought a house in the tony Toluca Lake area of Los Angeles in 2012 for $3.5 million. They added a whopping 3,000 additional square feet, a new pool area, and even an elevator.

Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone's House (Birds Eye)
Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone's House

Although Toluca Lake would be a great place to celebrate her birthday, she may celebrate at the couple’s new home in the San Fernando Valley area they bought for $2.4 million. The four bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home must have been something they really wanted because they paid $200,000 over asking price in March 2020. Perhaps it’s a birthday present, but even if it’s not, it would be a great birthday location!

Melissa McCarthy's House (Google Maps)
Melissa McCarthy's House

These are just a few of the celebrity birthdays in August. Celebrity or not, everyone deserves a great birthday celebration; so if it’s your birthday, make sure to celebrate and enjoy the entire day! Happy Birthday!