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University of St. AndrewsSt Andrews, GB2007-07-05 10:27:36DonMartini (0 votes)8510.1km
St. Andrews CastleSt Andrews, GB2010-09-03 09:51:33LancelotLinkUnrated4400.3km
St. Andrews CastleSt Andrews, GB2007-07-05 10:35:48DonMartini (0 votes)6190.3km
Byre TheatreSt Andrews, GB2010-04-25 09:32:04adrbrUnrated4130.3km
Deans CourtSt Andrews, GB2010-09-17 05:50:38LancelotLinkUnrated5780.4km
St Andrews Cathedral RuinsSt Andrews, GB2012-03-03 15:05:09LancelotLinkUnrated4430.4km
Saint Andrews AquariumSt Andrews, GB2010-08-28 07:28:50adrbrUnrated4930.4km
Prince William's & Kate Middleton's house (former)St Andrews, GB2011-04-28 12:17:27mlc1us10.00 (1 votes)1,5960.4km
BentleySt Andrews, GB2010-10-23 02:17:03kuressaareUnrated6150.5km
St Andrews cathedral ruinsSt Andrews, GB2007-03-21 09:14:05kjfitz4.00 (1 votes)6200.5km
Barons Group- BMW M5St Andrews, GB2010-10-23 02:15:29kuressaareUnrated5520.5km
St. Rule's TowerSt Andrews, GB2007-07-05 10:38:38DonMartini (0 votes)6010.5km
St. Andrews Old Railway BridgeSt Andrews, GB2012-08-18 04:27:49DrudiiUnrated5390.8km
St Andrews Links ClubhouseDirleton, GB2014-08-04 03:10:56finUnrated3211.0km
'Andrew Melville Hall' by Sir James StirlingSt Andrews, GB2013-02-16 20:34:09pmoore66Unrated5341.3km
Chariots of Fire - BeachSt Andrews, GB2014-05-19 14:59:05tallturtle82Unrated3651.4km
St Andrews LinksSt Andrews, GB2005-07-17 18:44:47happenstance5.18 (11 votes)1,1331.4km
St Andrews Eden ClubhouseSt Andrews, GB2014-08-04 15:05:43finUnrated4201.7km
St Andrews Castle ClubhouseSt Andrews, GB2014-08-04 15:10:56fin10.00 (1 votes)3053.0km
Craigtoun Miniature RailwaySt Andrews, GB2010-04-03 12:18:37adrbrUnrated7643.9km
English Electric Lightning F.1ALeuchars, GB2007-03-21 09:11:33kjfitz (0 votes)7294.7km
RAF Leuchars (ADX)Leuchars, GB2006-10-08 12:34:48scotchman10.00 (1 votes)8075.7km
F-4 Phantom IIsLeuchars, GB2007-03-15 11:02:12kjfitz2.00 (1 votes)5865.8km
RAF Panavia Tornado F3Leuchars, GB2008-09-04 16:53:51kjfitz (0 votes)1,1416.2km
B-52H StratofortressLeuchars, GB2015-04-14 17:32:01kkepsUnrated4616.4km