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Oil rigDundee, GB2007-03-15 10:56:40kjfitz (0 votes)5371.0km
Dennis The Menace muralDundee, GB2015-03-17 01:41:41DaniaUnrated3051.5km
Claypotts CastleDundee, GB2010-09-01 08:37:16LancelotLinkUnrated4551.6km
KangarooDundee, GB2008-09-04 16:49:34kjfitz (0 votes)5622.4km
Morgan AcademyDundee, GB2009-01-27 01:55:10neotrixUnrated6262.5km
Bowls in progressBroughty Ferry, GB2007-03-15 10:54:37kjfitz (0 votes)8232.8km
Broughty CastleBroughty Ferry, GB2010-08-31 18:47:19LancelotLinkUnrated4452.8km
Killer WhaleBroughty Ferry, GB2006-07-18 22:09:10kjfitz (0 votes)7212.8km
HMS UnicornDundee, GB2006-01-26 14:33:29Hinkkanen (0 votes)6683.0km
Mains CastleDundee, GB2010-09-02 11:17:01LancelotLinkUnrated4243.1km
Tay Road BridgeDundee, GB2006-03-20 12:40:04scotchman (0 votes)5883.1km
Ballumbie Castle & Ballumbie HouseDundee, GB2006-04-13 12:16:13Hinkkanen4.67 (6 votes)2,0743.2km
Lightship 'North Carr'Dundee, GB2008-08-14 14:15:55kjfitz (0 votes)4943.2km
Statue of Adam DuncanDundee, GB2011-05-16 17:29:11kjfitzUnrated5143.5km
St Paul's CathedralDundee, GB2008-04-10 18:13:31adrbr (0 votes)5213.6km
Tannadice Park and Dens ParkDundee, GB2006-02-11 23:25:42kjfitz (0 votes)8843.6km
Dundee City SquareDundee, GB2006-03-20 12:28:08scotchman (0 votes)6473.6km
DiscoveryDundee, GB2006-01-26 14:52:18Hinkkanen1.00 (1 votes)8083.7km
RRS DiscoveryDundee, GB2010-03-12 20:24:36adrbrUnrated4093.7km
McManus GalleriesDundee, GB2010-03-13 20:30:16kkepsUnrated3963.8km
High School of DundeeDundee, GB2018-08-07 12:09:04kkepsUnrated1213.8km
Dundee Central MosqueDundee, GB2013-04-04 16:30:50adrbrUnrated3674.3km
Rhinoceros Hornbill (Taxidermied)Dundee, GB2013-05-10 15:08:23adrbrUnrated3274.3km
Emoji crop circle in DundeeDundee, GB2019-04-07 01:17:18DaniaUnrated1204.4km
Dudhope CastleDundee, GB2016-02-04 15:12:30finUnrated2754.4km