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Anonymous picture
@ 2007-07-22 12:42:36
This isn't the same bridge that's shown in the linked photo. Also, the Cleveland Plain Dealer web site says that this popular bridge was temporarily out of action back in June 9, '07, never saying that the bridge was abandoned.
kjfitz picture
@ 2007-07-22 18:10:03
1) It is the same bridge in the photo. Check out the power lines, the edges of the canal and the construction of the bridge. They all match. It is a lift bridge in two different positions.

This page also identifies it as such:

2) Look at the approaches to the bridge. It is not in use. This article explains that it was closed from 2004 to Dec to 2006, open for several months and then closed again. It is still closed today but is planned to be opened at some undetermined point in the future. So if not abandoned it is definitely closed.
Anonymous picture
@ 2010-09-10 07:18:17
That is the new West Third St. bridge in the up position. You may be talking about the old West Third St. bridge.