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KRL picture
@ 2009-02-05 08:04:05
Shadow from middle to SW is a tall tower (communication/navigation). Anchor blocks at points of triangle.
Anonymous picture
@ 2009-04-14 03:01:09
John Phoenix Here

Dark image from middle to SW does look like it may be a shadow, But If a shadow then why does it stop exactly at edge of triangle?; Especially when the triangle looks like it's made of shadow itself.. You can see through it!

If you say its a shadow within a shadow then the light sources for such would be evident.

The lights seen that form a triangular shape both inside the triangle and on the perimeter you say are anchor blocks for guy wires for the so called tower in the middle, But if that's what they really are that doesn't account for why the whole image is made of a dark triangle, you should only see shadows for the guy wires themselves. Also, look at the surroundings there is no other structure that is in shadow.

The sides are of the triangle are 360 feet across each ( or 0.7 miles) according to the ruler on Google earth. This is larger than the size of an American football field. That would be one pretty big tower! Still if the point in the middle IS a shadow, then look at its angle.. that means that something around the tower must be makin a shadow at the same angle3.. assuming the ASun made the shadow. There is nothing around that could make such a shadow and still not interfear with the 'shadow' from the point in the middle.

Still, I do like your theory KRL, An interesting way this could be proven, is to talk to expert tower engineers and have them give their opinion on the natter. if there is a tower in the middle, I am sure they would have seen this phenomena before.
Anonymous picture
@ 2011-12-07 14:28:26
Obviously UFO.