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@ 2013-09-26 20:45:38
" Rattled by the rash of drone crashes, the Djiboutian government asked the Pentagon to move its unmanned aircraft away from the city to a rarely used airstrip in the desert, Chabelley Airfield, according to the unclassified documents, which were obtained by The Washington Post as part of a public records request.

In a letter to Congress in February, the Pentagon asked for urgent authorization of $13 million in funds and equipment to build “minimal facilities necessary to enable temporary operations” at Chabelley. To save time on construction, the military used troop labor instead of private contractors.

“The construction is not being carried out at a military installation where the United States is reasonably expected to have a long-term presence,” the documents stated. “No decisions have been made about long-term [drone] operations in the region.”"

It would appear to be short term with maybe all operations eventually moving to that new secret base in Saudi Arabia?
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@ 2014-02-26 21:00:20
In the latest imagery, you can now spot 5 drones and quite some different installations built.