Conveyor belt at Black Thunder coal mine: Pics and Stories

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I am a retired hard rock miner and I worked underground for most of the twenty two years in a rock salt mine.

I am very familiar with mining machinery used in underground mines utilizing the room and pillar method of mining and the surface strip mines as I was a maintenance mechanic in my previous occupation.

The black thunder mines coal seam deposits that are very near the surface of the earth and do not require the use of explosives to remove them.

The top soil is stripped and stock piled for later land reclamation use.

The overburden covering the coal seams is removed and set aside for later burial during the land reclamation process.

This is the aerial view of the recently installed twin dumping stations and conveyor belt delivery system for the black thunder coal mine owned by Arch Coal.

The dumping station has two dumping station pits to allow two haul trucks to dump their loads at once.

The train loading station is at the far end of the aerial photo. The coal is mined hauled to the twin dumping station where it is broken by a twin roll sizer-coal breaker in each dumping pit to a two inch size and then conveyed to the coal load out area.

The coal is conveyed to the top of the loading silos and then loaded into the coal trains. The coal loading system operates 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year loading one hundred to one hundred fifty 100-110 car trains per day seven days a week.

The coal mine is served by two railroad companies The Union Pacific Rail Road Company and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail Road Company.

The Black thunder mine operators mine the soft low sulphur coal there 24 hour a day, three hundred sixty five days a year.

The other mine thsat is near the black thunder mine and is owned by Arch coal is named the Coal Creek Mine.

About me:

I am looking for a high resolution map of the Black Thunder Mine with scale distances, I am unable to afford Google enhanced maps at this time. unfortunately as I am retired and returning to college.

I am writing a white paper describing a better, more fuel efficient, less costly method of mine haulage-both surface and underground and I wish to describe/illustrate the haulage distance at the black thunder mine for my one example.

All the work is done and all I need is a scale map to measure the coal haul truck access road distance.

Any help would sincerely be appreciated.