Disused Railway Bridge in Ängelholm: Pics and Stories

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Some pictures of the water tower used by the steam trains, the old embankment and the old bridge abutment.

Looking at the old embankment and a water tower used by the steam trains standing on the embankment.
A closer look.
The water power from behind.
Another angle.
The bridge abutment.
The abutment from the other side.
The overgrown trackbed near the abutment.
Looking towards the abutment and standing on the former trackbed.
Standing on top of the abutment and looking at where the other section of the bridge would have been. Beyond this point, the road goes along the former railway.
Looking at the top of the abutment from the embankment.
Overgrown trackbed.
The trackbed with the water tower to the right and another former railway bridge straight ahead.
Looking at the embanment beyond the trees from the footpath.